7 Habits of Failure

Today started way too early, as most days do. I got up and started down a path that is becoming familiar. I got up, started looking through the infosphere and found an interesting blog. This lead to another, counterpoint blog. You can read ’em if you’d like, but I can summarize for you:

  1. Technology sets us free
  2. Uh-uh…technology enslaves us, distracts us

As a technologist, I gotta say, I’m really in camp 1. As a person, though, well, the truth is that I’m much more in camp 2. Remember when we didn’t have cell phones? If you don’t, well, trust me, there was a time when parents were WAY freakier about kids being late. Anyway, I remember a time early in my technology career when a MUCH older engineer walked past me with a fax in his hand, mumbling about how we ever got anything done before fax machines. Yeah, I get it now.

But I’m off track…sorry.

The thing about this routine of mine is that I find things that are a-ha moments for me. Damn you, Pete, you’re helping me grow! The a-ha moment for me came today when I found another Turkel blog that got me thinking about some things in my life. See, I’ve been a 7 Habits junkie for almost a decade, waxing and waning in my practice, but solidly believing in the concept. Then Turkel comes along and reminds me that it’s the issue, stupid; it’s not the practice.

Turkel did this as it relates to marketing and branding, but as most things, it has a practical application in life, too. See, it’s not just about defining your issue, it’s about your issue defining you. It’s easy to get upset, resentful, angry even, when your issue overwhelms you. I spent two years being overwhelmed and my behavior and attitude were not pretty. My only consolation is that I learned many things, most of them useful. So, defining the right issue and allowing that issue to define you is critical.

I won’t waste your time in my own self-indulgence, but I’ll let you know that I have a personal mission statement and a list of values. I haven’t read them nearly enough lately. Even more importantly, I’ve been letting my issue (let’s change that to purpose or cause, ok?) cause get to me more and more lately. And by that, I don’t mean applying myself to the cause has been getting more intense; I mean that the cause is pissing me off. By forgetting my cause, I’m allowing it to overwhelm me and make me agry. Kinda counter-productive when that happens, donchathink?

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