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So, today a friend offered some really good advice. This advice was about why I should be blogging and some suggestions on what and why. I’m honestly afraid that my musings will be unnecessary or uninteresting, but I’m deferring to someone who is doing it, that I admire, and who had some very cogent recommendations.

So, what IS this blog, you might ask? I am a technology storyteller and teacher. I take bits and bytes and find messages and stories in them. Moreover, I really LIKE technology that actually changes people’s lives and behaviors in positive ways. While there will be some armchair quarterbacking involved, I mostly want to look at technologies and products and expose the wonderful stories. Along the way, there will always be some negative examples, but I want to, foremost, focus on things that I think are executed brilliantly or technologies that are, or soon will be, changing the world.

A little background is in order, too…you see, I’ve spent the vast majority of my life tinkering with technology, but unlike many in the industry, my tinkering was devoted to making things easier or cooler for non-technologists. Honestly, it’s easy to have a technology narrative pointed at other geeks. What’s more interesting is the technology that impacts and penetrates society so much that the non-geeks get it. I’ve spent a lot of time teaching non-technologists technical subjects that matter to them. This means that I spend a lot of my time figuring out how to use analogies to drive home the essence rather than the hardware. I’ve worked with Fortune 500 technology companies, but my real goal is to get my sister comfortable with the glowing panel in front of her.

I’ll admit that I also will look at products that tickle my fancy, regardless of their inherent brilliance or world-changing capacities. Hey, I AM human.

So, today’s sampling is more a question: what’s the story here? I can’t find it. I’m clearly missing something interesting and potentially valuable. After all, a VC found this technology worthy of investment…a little help?

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